Field Trip: West Siberia

"Field Trip: West Siberia" is a 55-minute long movie which follows a group of ornithologists as they travel from the South to the North of West Siberia. Filled with colorful images taken all throughout the journey through this inhospitable, yet beautiful land, the film talks about the hardships faced by the travelers, explores various animal species encountered along the way, and offers a unique glimpse into the very soul of Russia.

The film is in Russian, with English subtitles.


"Field Trip: West Siberia" is licensed to the Western viewers under a Creative Commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" license. Please click on the link to see more information and to read the full text of the license.


About Hanawey Studios

Hanawey Studios is a small two-person video production company with almost no budget, operating from Labytnangi, Russia. Founded in late 90's, they specialize in producing documentaries devoted to the nature of Siberia and Polar Urals, produced mostly for local TV networks. "Field Trip: West Siberia" is their first work oriented at Western viewers, and is distributed free for non-profit and non-commercial viewing in order to generate publicity and hopefully funding. The studio is well-equipped with modern digital filming and editing equipment and has a very extensive footage archive.

"Hanawey" in the native Nenets language means "peregrine falcon." These birds can be found all around the world, but are rare almost everywhere and it is said that meeting one brings great luck.

Arthur Riabitsev

Arthur holds a PhD in Biology and is currently a research scientist at the Labytnangi Ecological Scientific Station of the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology of the Urals Region of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has been doing nature photography and cinematography since 1996. In 2003, he produced a 12-part miniseries documentary devoted to the nature of West Siberia, which aired on regional television networks. This film incorporates footage from various expeditions in which Arthur has participated in the past 5 years. Many more hours of footage are available to be used in various new projects.

Valeri Krylov

Valeri is the winner of the 2002 “TEFI – Region” festival award for his film “Nenets Legends and Realities.” He is a frequent participant of the International Nomadic Northern Film Festival, held in Salekhard, which is devoted to the works dealing with the questions of anthropology and ethnic minorities. In 2004 he received an award for the best educational film “Kolybel” which he co-authored with Valentina Nyaruj. In January of 2003, he joined Arthur Riabitsev to create Hanawey Studios.

Contact the Studio

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